Wigan micro-artist is certainly keeping his options open at the moment. The infirmary theatre nurse who is now in great demand for his tiny works around the world has in fact been working in a numerous different media in recent months.

Albert Einstein by Hedley Wiggan

Albert Einstein micro carving by Hedley Wiggan.

Two of his latest pencil tip carvings – for which he probably most acclaimed – have been revealed: one is a bust of legendary scientist Albert Einstein and the other a white dove of peace. But he has also completed two small paintings. One is called Nature’s Sanctuary and is inspired by his walks around Wigan’s beauty spots (with the odd trademark fairy added in) and an even more fantasy-based piece called In My Dreams.

Then in a relatively new departure he has carved in amber, the finished article, which has an equine element to it, being called The Fire Within Her Soul. Commissions keep rolling, Hedley’s own website is on its way, his agent is in discussions about using his designs on clothing and there are also hopes of an exhibition in the US later this year.

Read more at: http://www.wigantoday.net/news/hedley-einstein-carving-is-relatively-small-1-8624370

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