Hedley Wiggan, from Bolton, crafted the poignant minature tribute – called Mightier Than – from the lead of a pencil

A unique artist has crafted a poignant sculpture to mark the Charlie Hebdo terror massacre in Paris – within the lead of a pencil.

Hedley Wiggan’s tiny tribute carries a towering message.

The talented painter and sculptor has been crafting intricate designs within the lead of pencils for more than five years, often spending weeks delicately carving out works under a microscope or magnifying glass.

Now he hopes to showcase his latest design, titled Mightier Than, at an exhibition he has been invited to showcase his work at in Paris later this year.

Hedley Wiggan’s new pencil sculpture – Mightier Than – is a tribute to the Paris terror attack victims(Photo: Gary Louth)


The minute masterpiece shows a hand holding a sword aloft. The larger dimensions of the pencil symbolise the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ message.

Hedley, a 49-year-old dad from Tonge Moor, Bolton, said he was deeply moved by the gun attacks at the offices of the French satirical magazine.

The ‘Je Suis Charlie’, or ‘I am Charlie’, message of support has been displayed around the world as a symbol of solidarity after eight journalists and four others were killed.

Hedley, a theatre technician at Wigan Royal Infirmary, said the pencil was two inches long against the centimetre-tall design.

He said: “The events in Paris were devastating so I just thought I would do something to say the pen is mightier than the sword. It is a statement. It represents the freedom of the written word.

“I just felt strongly enough by what happened to carve the work. Paris is the city of love and I have friends out there. It has affected everyone.”

Hedley’s amazing works follow in the footsteps of his older brother Willard, a world-renowned micro-sculptor who creates art within the eyes of needles and on pinheads.

His other miniature works, all crafted at his home in Bolton, include carvings on lead of One Direction’s Harry Styles, The Beatles and caricatures of The Rolling Stones.

Hedley, who carved his latest design in five days, said: “I have been working day and night on it.

“I have always worked with pencil lead but I also use cocktail sticks. I carve with the naked eye but for the smallest details, I do use a microscope. I have been selling paintings here and there but private buyers have enquired about my sculptures and bought them.

“I plan to take Mightier Than over to Paris and perhaps auction it off for a charity over there.”

Article from The Manchester Evening News

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